October 5, 2007


My mom use to say if you looked at the moon during the day it meant you were lazy. I never understood that but I always remembered her saying it. I have not blogged since Monday but I promise you. . . I Have NOT Been Lazy. I have been working my butt off. So much so that the laundry has piled up to the tipping point and the dust bunnies have started a revolution. My poor youngest son has been off all week for fall break and I haven’t gotten to spend any time with him (except for a trip to Sonic). Sad, I know. I am so hap happy that it is Friday, I just want to sail through this day and get to the weekend! I want to spend time with my family, clean (cough, cough), and knit and journal in my new art journal I started.

You know, I actually LOOK for the moon during the day and when I spot it. . . I don’t just look at it, I stare at it. Lazy. Ha!

Have a blessed day and enjoy any lazy time you can find.



  1. Enjoy your weekend; I have been looking forward to it since… oh I don’t know… Monday or so!

  2. Well let see what needs to be done over the week-end. shall we. I better not because it would to sad to even think about it and it makes so tried already. Would it be bad of me to say I am all ready looking forward to Monday knowing what I need to do over the week-end? Did Columbus really mean for us to work that hard on the weekends? I don’t think so. Maybe we should take Columbus Day off. What do you think or your readers???????????

    Love you

  3. has he [ hubby ] not cleaned the garage out yet? look at it as a scavenger hunt. (hunting for the floor)
    “Lazy” huh? i thought it meant you were tired/still sleepy. either way, seeing the moon in the day means not much is getting done… probably cause your looking at the moon and not doing stuff… according to mom. i still see the moon in the day and think of that too. great shot by the way. mom had a lot of those little things…like the other day, a little boy in the resturant bit his tongue, and got sifflly, and i wanted to say “did it taste good?” . but thought better of it. :)))

  4. What a great photo. I decided to eat my breakfast outside yesterday and spent that time staring at the moon.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I always look for the moon during the day. And I am lazy. 🙂 I took a lovely nap this morning because the only one awake was my middle son. He always just sits down with me and watches tv. Besides, the house is such a disaster I don’t think he could make it worse. lol

  6. hope you get some lazy time this weekend.

  7. When I’m outside with the dogs (several times a day) I always look up to see what’s going on. There are always airplanes, but also a lot of birds and occacionally one can see the moon during the day. I’m always happy to see it.
    About Sam: We thought of calling him “Lemon” from now on, because this dog has so many health problems, he’ll catch anything, from head to toes. Poor, poor guy! ;o)

    I hope you find time to spend with your family!

  8. hope your weekend was fantastic and you did some of your favorite things….
    we love when we see the moon during the day! we always gasp….and stare! 🙂

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