WIP, Coming Clean

October 16, 2007

Miranda from Handpainted Yarn. Yummy thick and thin soft wool.

Okay my knitterly friends. . . how many UFO’s are in your house? How many? I have 5 staring at me right now. 2 are mocking me and they would be the Raglan Cardi and the Clapotis. I have only to make the sleeves for the cardi and it will be done and I am just about ready to begin the decreasing on the Clapotis but do you think that being so close to the end on both of them makes me want to finish them any faster? NO. So, I started something new. It is a hat so it will be done in a flash and then I can start another project to further my procrastination of the above said mocking projects.

I still have my lace on the needles which I work at in centimeters instead of inches and a scarf (which is a mindless knit so that is no biggie). I find that when I surf the many knitting blogs that I have marked, I get a little intimidated. I see all of the finished objects (FO) and think, “wow! these women are so fast! I must knit slow or just don’t give it the same time as they do”. Shame on me. I know better than to compare myself with others but you know, it is hard sometimes. I really tried this year to keep my “work in progress” knits to a minumum. I was going to allow myself 3 at a time. One difficult pattern (the lace), one time consuming pattern (the cardi) and one short and sweet project so that I could feel a sense of accomplishment every now and again. Well, I have gone over by 2. I guess I need to get serious about the cardi and the Clapotis. It is time to get back to my original plan for the year. Plus, it is bound to get cold at some point this fall/winter (even though you wouldn’t guess that now) and I want to have a couple of nice handknits to snuggle up in.

“You Don’t Know Our Women” Hat I love the name of this pattern!

Have a wonderful day and remember to be gentle to yourself when you feel that nagging feeling to compare yourself to someone else. There is no one like you and that is a good thing.
Peace~ Dawn



  1. You bring up a good point about comparing yourself to other knit bloggers. On the one hand, it so inspiring to see their FOs. On the other hand, it makes you wonder where the heck your FOs are! (And for the record, I have 2 UFOs and 1 WIP. The UFOs have been hanging around since last winter. Yikes!)

  2. 15 UFO *sigh*

  3. I do the same thing with comparing myself to other bloggers who are faster than me! I keep trying to remind myself that knitting is supposed to be fun!:)

    nice hat 😉

  4. 5 knitting WIP, 1 crochet WIP and 1 quilt WIP…I try not to compare myself to others, but for me it is not about the FO’s..it is about the skills. I have to fight the envy when I see a beautiful lace shawl or fair isle anything…

    That hat is such a pretty color and I am a sucker for cables! I sense I will be adding this to Ravelry queue as soon as you post it there! I hope you are planning to keep it because the colors will look great on you!

  5. Seven. Three are technically hibernating, though I am not sure they will ever be finished. Most things abolished to the plastic tubs of doom are never recovered. One is half hibernating…but they are road socks. When am I ever on the road? A sweater which I am not putting sleeves on. A sock that doesn’t fit and needs a twin. A hat that is half an inch from decreases…but suddenly I am beginning to question the appreciation it will get.

    Oh, and did I mention I have decided to put this all off by crocheting mice? Hundreds of teeny tiny mice…okay, only six. So far.

  6. This hat looks awesome already, so soft and thick and warm! As to your question about the tea pot. I got it at Home Sense, it was the only one they had, and not even a box was found. It was the display piece, and I WANTED it. It was hooked up with a chain, so nobody could take it. Well, I’ve got it. ;o)

  7. The hat is just lovely! I have some perfect yarn for a hat like that. Dare I try this pattern? Please tell me it’s easy!

    Love the pics of your family!

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