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Ribbed Fingerless Gloves

November 29, 2007

As Noro-vember comes to an end, I leave you with the final project. This is the second pair of Fingerless Mitts. This time I did the ribbed version. I made mine on size 6 needles. I like my gloves a little snug. I had enough Noro left over that I could have added a couple of rows to the wrist length AND the finger length. Next time I will know. The color way for this pair is # 47. This is a nice neutral colorway that can go with all sorts of winter clothes. If anyone is looking for a quick and easy last minute gift, here it is. The silk garden feel good and you can’t beat the value. If you make the finger portion longer it will keep your fingers fairly warm because it keeps the fingers squished together. Great for outdoor mall shopping, Walmart shopping and farmers market shopping. You can pick things up and still stay warm.


  December is a sneeze away.  Are you ready for the holidays?


Little Droplets

November 28, 2007

Nature’s magnifying glass.


A Stack of Caps

November 27, 2007

A Stack of Caps, originally uploaded by DawnsRays.


“Well finally,” you say, “some knitting.” Yes, yes, I know it has been a couple of weeks but really, I have other things in my life to. Don’t be so shocked. This is a stack of caps that are on there way to California to join up with other caps to be sent off to Colorado for some special teens to enjoy. In total: 14! (Knitzilla’s goal is for 24 by the end of Dec.-Ha!)

I have been sending hats to the Rad Bad Beanie Project for, well this makes 3 years now. I love it! It makes me feel so good to know that the hats I make will have a home (at least for 1 season) with some really cool kid that needs a break.

I encourage all of you to make a contribution to any charity you like and if you want to try a new one or can’t think of a charity then I urge you to give the RBB Project a look see. Check your FO bag. Is there a hat in there that is too small, to big, not a fiber you are crazy about? or how about this, you look into your stash bin and see all the odd balls that have been left over from past projects. Just a little yarn, not enough for any one thing. String them together, get stripe happy. Make a unique toque. Try a new hat pattern. Try an old, tried and true hat pattern. Whatever. . . you knit, it’s what you do, so why not make it count for something bigger than yourself. Make a gift that you know someone will appreciate. It warms the heart.

Okay, enough said. Have a great day!! Peace~ Dawn  Rad Bad Beanies Project   


Invitation to Poetry: Full Moon Rising

November 26, 2007

full-moon-poetry.jpgphoto by Christine Valters Paintner @ Abbey of the Arts


Guardian of night
keep my secrets
wound in your silver net,
hold them tight to your bosom
as you drift back in time
as you slip into space.

Remember me.
Come back to me, Guardian.
Reveal to me my secrets
Now dreams
to plant in the coming day,
now gifts
rich with promise.


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(There will be knitting photos tomorrow.  In the mean time, enjoy the poetry and maybe write something of your own today.  You can do it.  Try, no one has to see it.)


Sacred Life Sunday: Traditional Turkey

November 25, 2007

Traditional Turkey

Originally uploaded by DawnsRays

This napkin holder has graced our Thanksgiving Table every year since 2000. My youngest son made it in kindergarden class for his November project. He was so proud of it and made sure we used it that year. Now, every year he makes sure it is set out on the table the night before. A few years ago after a move to our new house we couldn’t locate the turkey right away. It was almost an ugly Thanksgiving but thankfully it turned up at the last minute. We now store the turkey in the cabinet that holds the “good” china so that we can lay our hands on it right when we need it.

He is part of my sacred life because he was created with love for our family by the youngest member. Hope you all had a blessed holiday. Peace~ Dawn

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what’s this lady doing?!?!

November 20, 2007

what’s this lady doing?!?!

Originally uploaded by kivajo

This photo is from my sisters flickr page. Please feel free to visit and comment (she is a lot of fun). Anyway, we went to a newly opened Whole Foods in the Nashville area over the weekend and she brought her camera (as she is pron to do) and snapped this one of me sneaking bread samples (I prefer the cheese samples but we’d already made that round). The store is huge and the produce section is like a painting! Just gorgeous! She has a picture of the biggest elephant garlic I have seen. It is the size of a softball–you should hop over and check it out.

I know you all will be busy over the next few days with Thanksgiving preperation, so Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!

Peace and Blessings for you and your loved ones,


New Kitchen Floor

November 19, 2007

New Kitchen Floor

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Hope you all had a great weekend. Me? I went away for a day and came home to a new floor in my kitchen. My husband and 3 boys were like home improvement fairies and took out the old lanolium and put in our new floor (which matches the one we installed in the dining room). I love it! The first picture is the process after it started. The next is some of the lovely nails they encounted in the subfloor and the last two are the finished product. Now, for new counter tops and cabinets. Waiter!!

Where was I this weekend? I went to visit my sister for the day and while I was there we got tattoos. This is mine; I will get one of hers when she comes for Thanksgiving. Mine is not done, though. I will go back and have a few stars put around the head and toward the bottom have my Leo sign worked in. I like it alot. We had a lady tattoo artist this time (our first). Must start preparing for Thanksgiving. Have a great day!

Say "hello" Leo

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