NoroVember Has Begun

November 2, 2007


I meant to do a little post about my Noro project plans yesterday but that has come and gone so here I am today. My first project is the Noro Hat which I started yesterday. Confesstion: I actually started it last weekend but had to frog it TWICE so I decided that was a message telling me to play fair and wait till the 1st before beginning. So I balled up the yarn and waited impatiently for November to arrive. I was hoping to get by with one ball of Noro for the hat by modifiying the number of stitches and the decreases but that is not going to be posssible so I purchased my second ball of the same colorway. I will have plenty left over so I will make a pair of Leg warmers with a Noro top. To finish up the NoroVember festivities I plan on a pair of fingerless mitts. More on those as I cast on.

Have a great weekend and if the weather permits get out and take a walk and collect some things that catch your eye along the way. Put them on a self or a table to remind you of the lovely walk you had.



  1. soooo, you tried to make it early, and it just wasn’t working out, and you wanted to cut some corners…and that failed as well. what does this all mean? i don’t know either – but i DO find the humor in it. oh, and pretty colors. knit on!

  2. I love that colorway!

  3. You choose a fantastic colorway. My hat is huge too. The next time I’ll use smaller needles (I used 5mm, because I only had those at hand). I still love it though. I was outside a lot today, it was gorgeous weather with temperatures I LOVE! The leaves fell from the trees all day, like rain (first frost last night). We did take a walk with the dogs too, had to get out and enjoy my fav time of year! ;o)

  4. so pretty!

  5. I’m participating in Norovember too. I love that colorway of Kureyon. Is it 147? It will make a great hat. I’m using that color for a felted bag.

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