November 8, 2007


The other night it was really cold and rainy outside and my husband opened the door to our garage to do something and he froze and started saying, “snake, snake. Someone. . . snake.” (he hates snakes). The rest of us went into National Geographic mode and grabed cameras and curiosity. This little guy was literally right by the door. I have no idea what kind of snake he is other than pissed. He was shaking his tale and rearing back and lunging and striking. It was crazy. He was a little guy, though. My middle son took pictures, my older son wanted to grab him and I, being the concerned mother was looking for something to “grab” him in (my husband was in the house saying, “do you have him yet? is it gone?” he’s so cute). Anyway, with a metal strainer and a 3-ring binder my son gathered him up and took him away from the house. All is well.

Hat tomorrow!



  1. Hilarious! The snake looks beautiful, but I would stand on a chair for sure, until somebody would get it! ;o)

  2. Did I ever tell you I have ophidiophobia? True story.

  3. i came home from vacation oncw ro find a snake slithering around our room… seems our roomate got a snake while we were gone.. didnt put the lid on properly and it escaped.. 1 week before we found it… ew… that was a shock and a half.

  4. I would have gone the other way in a hurry! But it is neat to see the snake – he has a pretty pattern on his skin.

  5. ahhhh! I wan him….*pout*

  6. I would be in the house with your hubby!

  7. more transmutation huh? i didn’t know ralf was afraid of snakes to the point that someone else has to get them. did you ever find out what kind he was? Dad seems to know some snakes.

  8. hmmm, snakes I’m ok with, now if it had been a big spider! Great pictures!

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