Noro Hat

November 10, 2007

Done and done. Love this hat. So cool looking and comfy. (how do you like the Vogue pose? Tyra, call me;) )
Yarn: Noro (duh) color #163 1 skein plus part of another
Needles: size 7 circs and dpns
Pattern: Noro Hat
Mods: I didn’t do all of the decreases because I didn’t want it to be TOO pointy. I also did 3 rows of stockenette instead of 4.

Tah Tah, Vera–have a great weekend.



  1. Really like this very much! You look fabulous in it, just perfect.

  2. Such a cute hat! I really need to get to the LYS and buy some more Noro..

  3. Sweet!

  4. I love the hat too-looks terrific on and the colors rock!

  5. It looks great! Perfect colors.

  6. It looks great! Love the vogue pose!

  7. It looks great! Love the vogue pose!

  8. It looks great on you! The colors are perfect.

  9. I saw the hat on ravelry. It turned out great, and you wear it really well! I’m sure modelling offers will pour in real soon!

  10. lovely hat–and those colors look very good on you!

  11. Totally love the hat, and the Noro yarn. Looks great on you too Miss Vogue.

  12. Hi! I love, love the hat and mitts! Did you not decrease at all on the hat? I love how yours turned out and not the pointy one on the pattern? What pattern did you use on the mitts? Thanks!

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