Sacred Life Sunday: Let Go

November 11, 2007

p1020355.jpg Clinging isn’t a good thing. Look how lonely it can be. You are stuck in this one place while the rest of the world is seemingly oblivious. You hold on. . . you remember. . . you re-live. . . you are hope-less. Let go. Let go.

In my Sacred Life Sunday moment, I am reminded of the importance of living in process. Living as each moment comes and letting each moment, in turn, go. Like your breath. Breath in (Mmmmmm), breath out (ahhhh).

Clinging isn’t a good thing. Clinging is about fear. Fear isn’t about living. Living is about letting go. Do it with me one time: Breath in (mmmmm), Breath out (ahhhhhh).

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  1. no clinging is never good…..

  2. thankyou Dawn, for visiting my sacred life Sunday post…. I am one who sometimes finds it difficult to live in the present moment…. but I am getting better at it each day!..

    yes, clinging keeps us stuck.. sometimes we cling because we are afraid of falling, of taking the plunge, of being pushed from the nest and not being able to fly xo

  3. oh… that was a very sad photo and words. reminds me of “the fall of freddy the leaf” if you have read that book?

  4. Hi Dawn- Thanks for stopping by. I love the photo and your Sacred Sunday post. And you’re amazingly talented as well. 😉 I am so wanting a new kitchen floor! Lucky girl!

  5. Thanks for this reminder…Im such a clinger…Im gonna try to let go more…and reach up.
    xo Moon

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