Frugle Noro: 101

November 15, 2007

Well, do I know how to get the most out of 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon or what? That was a rhetoricle question because the answer is, “yes, yes I do”. My first Norovember project (the hat) left me with quite a bit of yarn left over from the second skein. Not enough for another hat so what to do, what to do? Along came the pattern for the Noro Fingerless Mitts. I love fingerless mitts (even though it is my FINGERS that actually get cold, go figure). So I made the garter ridge style to use up the excess Noro and what do you know, it worked! Ha!!

The only modification I made was: instead of the increase written I did a Knit through the front and the back. It makes a nicer increase WITHOUT the hole.

I plan on making the ribbed version next. I have already bought the Noro for these. This will be the last thing I make for this most texture and color rich Knit A Long.



  1. Those are gorgeous too-

  2. They look great!

  3. excellent idea!! kudos to you!

  4. I LOVE them – what a gorgeous yarn. The thumb is a nice addition in the pattern.

  5. I really like them! I think this might be what I do with my one skein.

  6. Those came out great! A perfect use for the leftovers and they match your hat.

  7. Wow, those are awesome.

  8. Oh those are gorgeous! And what a lovely photo against the fall colours.

  9. Those are really pretty – I love the way Noro stripes!! And what a brilliant use for almost one skein!

  10. Love the gloves! Great colors.

    They look perfect against the leaves.

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