New Kitchen Floor

November 19, 2007

New Kitchen Floor

Originally uploaded by DawnsRays

Hope you all had a great weekend. Me? I went away for a day and came home to a new floor in my kitchen. My husband and 3 boys were like home improvement fairies and took out the old lanolium and put in our new floor (which matches the one we installed in the dining room). I love it! The first picture is the process after it started. The next is some of the lovely nails they encounted in the subfloor and the last two are the finished product. Now, for new counter tops and cabinets. Waiter!!

Where was I this weekend? I went to visit my sister for the day and while I was there we got tattoos. This is mine; I will get one of hers when she comes for Thanksgiving. Mine is not done, though. I will go back and have a few stars put around the head and toward the bottom have my Leo sign worked in. I like it alot. We had a lady tattoo artist this time (our first). Must start preparing for Thanksgiving. Have a great day!

Say "hello" Leo

Originally uploaded by DawnsRays



  1. I plan on getting my first tattoo in January (Christmas presents to each other). I plan to get three all together and have a question for ya-I’m getting one across my upper back, one across my lower back and one on the inside of my ankle-that’s the first one I want to get-I know youhave tattoos on your ankles, did they hurt worse than the arm or back ones?

    The floor-is it ceramic tile? If it is, I think we have the same tile, only in a green/gray slate color. It looks so nice in your kitchen.

  2. The floor looks great!

    Dang I was just talking about how I want another tattoo. Seeing yours makes me realize how much I want it. I’m gonna have to start getting serious about it.

  3. Love the floor. I need some home improvement fairies.

    The tattoo looks great. I’m a chicken – anything with needles scares me. Well, except knitting needles.

  4. Cool Tattoo,
    im a tattoo fiend myself, am just about to go get my 7th,yup….. my sisters a tattoo artist!! need I say more…

  5. Awesome tattoo. I admit to being a wuss and not having any (the whole needle thing) but I claim that it is because I just want to be different than the rest of my family. My mom, little bro, aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins all have them!

  6. That tat is totally rockin!! I’ve got plans to get a rat for my birthday (my Chinese zodiac animal). Make sure to take lotttttsssss of pics!

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