Sacred Life Sunday: Traditional Turkey

November 25, 2007

Traditional Turkey

Originally uploaded by DawnsRays

This napkin holder has graced our Thanksgiving Table every year since 2000. My youngest son made it in kindergarden class for his November project. He was so proud of it and made sure we used it that year. Now, every year he makes sure it is set out on the table the night before. A few years ago after a move to our new house we couldn’t locate the turkey right away. It was almost an ugly Thanksgiving but thankfully it turned up at the last minute. We now store the turkey in the cabinet that holds the “good” china so that we can lay our hands on it right when we need it.

He is part of my sacred life because he was created with love for our family by the youngest member. Hope you all had a blessed holiday. Peace~ Dawn

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  1. I love this Turkey! how very, very special it is. I still have a cardboard plum pudding that my son made me when he was 5. He is now nearly 33 and each year, it takes pride of place on our tree.. sending love & light and sacredness to you today xoxo

  2. yep…i see that turkey every year. in the back of my mind i take note of it. cause when the table was being set, i noticed it. 🙂

  3. it’s wonderfully, beautifully exuberant!! i hope it still has pride of place when he’s bringing his own children to the thanksgiving table :o) xxx

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