Ribbed Fingerless Gloves

November 29, 2007

As Noro-vember comes to an end, I leave you with the final project. This is the second pair of Fingerless Mitts. This time I did the ribbed version. I made mine on size 6 needles. I like my gloves a little snug. I had enough Noro left over that I could have added a couple of rows to the wrist length AND the finger length. Next time I will know. The color way for this pair is # 47. This is a nice neutral colorway that can go with all sorts of winter clothes. If anyone is looking for a quick and easy last minute gift, here it is. The silk garden feel good and you can’t beat the value. If you make the finger portion longer it will keep your fingers fairly warm because it keeps the fingers squished together. Great for outdoor mall shopping, Walmart shopping and farmers market shopping. You can pick things up and still stay warm.


  December is a sneeze away.  Are you ready for the holidays?



  1. Great gloves and I love this Silk Garden colorway too! I can barely believe that November is almost over!!

  2. These are loverly!! I’ll have to go check out your Ravelry for them, I need some gorgeous basic gloves.

  3. Great pair! Don’t you just love quick knits?

  4. I like the more subdued color of this yarn; you could really wear these with a lot.

    And don’t remind me of how close we are to Christmas. Yikes!

  5. great Fall colors!

  6. yes! Yes I am!!!

  7. Another great pair of gloves.

    As for Christmas no, not ready but it’ll all fall into place.

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