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The Dividing Line

December 31, 2007

On this New Years Eve, I am taking a virtual page from others in blog land and would like to thank all of you who have taken time out of your day to read this blog. I would like to give an extra thanks and virtual {{hug}} to those who left comments. It is nice to have feedback. To know what you said has been heard, that you are not just sending words out to float along in space.

2007 was hard. It was a year that kicked my butt and I don’t know about the rest of you but I would like a soft and welcoming 2008. My hope for myself and my family is the hope I have for everyone this year: Peace of mind, Good Health, Bliss in the smallest of moments, Love from all directions and Prosperity, whatever it takes to get you through plus a little extra to help you shine!!

Wake up every morning starting tomorrow and KNOW that you are the designer of the day and can make it however you WANT IT TO BE.

Peace be with you on your journey in this new and inviting New Year.


“Our world is a dance of shadows, a line drawn between darkness and light, joy and oppression, time and eternity.  Learn to read this subtle line, for it tells all the secrets of creation.”  Fakhruddin Araqi 


Dec. 26–Official Ear Candling Day

December 29, 2007

My sister and I were noticing that the day after Christmas begins Kwanza and is Boxing Day and so we thought we would make it our own kinda day.

So, I give you the first official Ear Candling Day (here after to be celebrated on Dec. 26th). She only brought candles enough for one so she was the one that got candled (I lit her up and did the trimming– you should probably share this day with someone you love or someone you trust, eh?). Anyway, in her defense, we only thought of Ear Candling Day as we got started otherwise she would have had candles for everyone!!

Next year I foresee candles in all the stockings, my husband will be looking forward to that, no doubt.

Have a great weekend! (have you been thinking about the new year and how you would like to live it? I have and I will share more on that later.)

Peace~ Dawn



December 26, 2007

This was the big gift of the Christmas ’07 season. The family got a Wii.

Warning: anyone over the age of 20 and unaccustomed to physical activity, please stretch before attempting. I pulled a butt muscle playing baseball. I did. Swear. As you play the games you find yourself really getting into it and taking the stance and swinging and throwing as if you actually have a bat or ball in your hand. Crazy but fun.

Lots of food and fun yesterday. We watched Pirates 3 and Stardust (love love love that movie) and played lots of Wii.

Hope you all had a nice holiday. If you have a few more days off enjoy those, too.


A Festivus for the Rest-a-vus

December 23, 2007

     Happy Festivus, everyone!! 


I am Sick AND I am Grateful

December 20, 2007

Well, let me expand upon that thought for a moment. . . I’m not grateful for being sick, I’m just grateful AND sick at the same time.  The sick part is nothing to write about.  It’s a yucky head cold, blah blah blah but the grateful part came from GroggyFroggy’s website:

This is so funny!  Apparently you CANNOT do the dance without smiling and at some point, if you do it long enough, you begin to make “yeehaw” noises and such.

I vote that at some point during the holiday season, when you have tons of friends and or family about, that you suddenly jump up and shout, “everyone do the Gratitude Dance!” and then you and everyone else DO IT.  Perhaps you should practice it alone for a few days in advance so as to get the awkwardness out and then you can be a role model to those that will balk at the idea.  Guarenteed tons of fun to follow.

So, prepare yourself, my family, because at some point on  Christmas Day— there will be Gratitude Dancing.  Oh, yes there will.


What’s in the Box?

December 18, 2007

How about I share a few of our Christmas Day traditions with you since the knitting is pretty slow going these days.

*everyone in the house gets a visit from Santa. As long as you still believe he delivers the goods

 *we do NOT open presents on Christmas Eve. No, no no. Much begging and pleading occurs, some years but the answer is always “no”

*upon getting woken up early on Christmas Day we have to wait till everyone is up and then me and the husband go into the living room and then give the signal for everyone else to enter and behold the booty (you have to have time to set the camera up to catch surprised faces)

*after seeing what Santa left and going through the stockings we eat breakfast and drink mimosas and get dressed and then and ONLY THEN do we get to open presents

*there is even order to that. . . someone gets to be the designated present passer outer and everyone gets a present to open and we all take the time to see what they got before the next round of presents is passed out

Why all the order and precision? Well, mostly because it is how it was always done when I was a kid and my husband and I decided that it works best for our family. It makes Christmas last a bit longer than “on your mark, get set, GO!” and boom it’s over. All the gifts are opened and everyone is left looking at each other like over stuffed reindeer. This way we get to enjoy some of the moments we might have missed.

Will my kids take these traditions into their own homes when they have families of their own? who knows but one thing I do know. . . these traditions will be remembered and at least talked about when they get together. That makes me happy:)

**I have to get tape. Present wrapping came to a halt Sunday because I ran out.



Sacred Life Sunday: Some Christmas Angel

December 16, 2007

This Christmas Angel was given to me by my mother the first Chistmas that my husband and I were married. It has graced the top of our tree each year for the past 20 years. One year we couldn’t find the box she was in and found a look alike and so we now have 2 (one in reserve). It makes me happy every year we put her on top because it reminds me of my mom and how special Christmas was to her. She was like a little kid with a secret. It never failed that she would tease and taunt about the packages or what she may or may not have gotten you. She loved the surprise on Christmas morning and the smiling faces she helped create.

This is my Sacred Life Sunday this week. I hope that you too have something special that reminds you of a loved one that is dear to you. May you feel them close to you this special time of year and let them warm your heart.Peace~ Dawn