Sacred Life Sunday: Eastern Glow

December 3, 2007

There is nothing better on a cold fall/winter evening than being home with your family. I love to sit in my recliner and read, watch t.v, knit, sip something hot, daydream, or nap with the glow of my salt lamp and the purple/white twinkle lights on the (fake) wisteria tree in front of me. I love to light candles as the sun sets and sit in this glow. As everyone unwinds, the dogs settle down and pick their spots to rest in the subdued energy we emit. Home is where the heart is.

Peace and blessing to all my readers as this December gets underway. ~Dawn



  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, relaxing and having a happy, safe and secure environment! Home is where the heart is! Love this elephant too.

  2. You make it sound so comfortable, I’d like to sit there too!

  3. It certainly sounds like a relaxing way to end the day, I feel like that in the morning when it’s still relatively dark, the kids are still sleeping, a candle is burning and a cup of hot tea steams by the couch–it’s a good way to breath in the morning. I need to try and end my day that way as well, that’s usually when I’m cramming homework and go to bed with my mind roiling.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day/evening!

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