Santa Says: Rrrripp it

December 6, 2007

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Well, I didn’t have enough red yarn but I tried and tried to stretch it.  I managed to squeeze out every last bit of yardage, however when applied to the head. . . well, let’s just say that it is lacking.  So, the Ho Ho Hat from Cider Moon just didn’t make the cut this Christmas.  Next year I will have the right amount of yarn and next year I will have a hand knit Ho Ho hat!! ** The pattern is great and I highly recommend it.  The frogging was my fault as I was trying to use stash yarn and well, there you have it.  Only mod I would make is maybe casting on 92 or 96, instead of 100 stitches.  It was a tad bit loose on my head.**  

 I must carry on just a bit more about this hat because I really wanted it this year.  This yarn was perfect!  It was deep, moody red and off white which made it look old world.  Dang it!  The yarn came from Handpainted Yarn and I checked but of course they were out of this color.   So, it will become some other hat but I will hold onto the tan color for the next Ho Ho go around.  Okay, enough clinging.  It’s over.  I have other projects that need attention.  I tried and that is all that can be said.

Have a wonderful day!!  




  1. Bummer, those colors were great!

  2. oooooo, sooo close.
    you’ll make it even better next year, and if i know you, you’ll have enough for matching gloves, socks, leg warmers and scarf. (ok i went over board with the leg warmers :D)

  3. sooooo close! Love those colors, sorry it didn’t work out 😦

  4. darn! so sorry!
    i do LOVE those colors!

  5. Sorry it didn’t work – I made two this year and would go with 92 stitches…

    Can you find a yarn that is close in color (like misty alpaca in color 620) and knit one row with your yarn and one row with the other yarn. It sounds wrong and weird, but makes a pretty rich color.

  6. […] by dawnsrays on January 8, 2008 Remember the Ho Ho Santa Hat that never was, well I frogged it and took that gorgeous yarn and reincarnated it into […]

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