December 11, 2007

Here is the first hat of the new charity season. It is a simple rib pattern made with some leftover, *gulp*, Red Heart. I don’t like Red Heart. It is in my stash from a period when I didn’t realize there was fiber, real fiber to be played with. Anyway, I am trying to get rid of it as best I can and I realize some people are allergic to wool, alpaca and the like so this is an alternative.

I don’t know what the weather may be like where you are but here in Middle Tennessee it is quite the warm day. We are looking at around 73 degrees today. Oh, don’t feel sorry for me or anything because come the weekend we are nose diving into winter.

Hope you all are having a great holiday season in the making. We put our tree up on Sunday and maybe when we get more stuff wrapped and stuffed under it I will capture it on film. I have a bit more baking to do and a few more gifts to get (mainly for the husband) and then I will wrap it up–get it. “Wrap” it up. Hmmm, I may need some tea.

Peace~ Dawn



  1. The hat looks great. I love the colors. I also have a stash of stuff that I am trying to use up. My sister prefers acrylic for the kids because it is easy to wash and it doesn’t make them itch. So, you never know.

    Enjoy your tea.

  2. Laughing at the “before I realized fiber, real fiber….” The first thing I did when I taught myself crochet was grab Red Heart Yarn-who knew? I still have bunches leftover and I do use it for kids stuff and also for charity baby blankets for ease of washability.

    I like the colors of your hat though and never would have guessed it was Red Heart acrylic.

  3. The hat if great looking! I agree that the colors are great! I was hoping it was a color way I could find. I’ll have to see if I can find it. Was it leftovers from multiple skiens or were all those oclors in one? I do have a thing for nice fiber – but I love to have somethign you can wash too.

  4. These colors really are great and will bring a smile to its recipient’s face! What kind of “tea” is in the ChariTEA cup?

  5. I love your candle holder. Santa and the Elfes dancing. Too cute. I have a mountain of acrylic yarn in the closet. It’s the same as with you, bought before I knew there was good yarn to be had.

  6. Acrylic really is great for kids/high wear items, so don’t feel guilty about it! Somebody, somewhere will love that hat. 🙂

  7. The colors on the hat are awesome.

    Yep, it’s unseasonable warm here to.

  8. The women at the shelter love acrylic – its easy to care for, the colors don’t fade and it holds heat in when layered. And the colors on that are beautiful. I think everyone appreciates a handmade gift 🙂 Beautiful!!

  9. That hat looks great and fun and someone will be happy to have it!

    Hmmm,I’m finding it hard not to hate you because of your weather right now! LOL

  10. I would also love to know the name of that specific colorway of RH it is very nice and once you wash RH a few times its not so crunchy LOL

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