Sacred Life Sunday: Some Christmas Angel

December 16, 2007

This Christmas Angel was given to me by my mother the first Chistmas that my husband and I were married. It has graced the top of our tree each year for the past 20 years. One year we couldn’t find the box she was in and found a look alike and so we now have 2 (one in reserve). It makes me happy every year we put her on top because it reminds me of my mom and how special Christmas was to her. She was like a little kid with a secret. It never failed that she would tease and taunt about the packages or what she may or may not have gotten you. She loved the surprise on Christmas morning and the smiling faces she helped create.

This is my Sacred Life Sunday this week. I hope that you too have something special that reminds you of a loved one that is dear to you. May you feel them close to you this special time of year and let them warm your heart.Peace~ Dawn



  1. I like to have pieces of decoration, or whatnot, not only Christmas decoration, which have some history to them. Since we are far away from our family, I can see how my son likes to hear those random stories, when I remember something, because of such things.

  2. I think your angel is perfect for ‘sacred life sunday’ – I still remember the angel at the top of our tree when I was little. She was my friend, my guardian… even though she wasn’t real… or was she?

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