What’s in the Box?

December 18, 2007

How about I share a few of our Christmas Day traditions with you since the knitting is pretty slow going these days.

*everyone in the house gets a visit from Santa. As long as you still believe he delivers the goods

 *we do NOT open presents on Christmas Eve. No, no no. Much begging and pleading occurs, some years but the answer is always “no”

*upon getting woken up early on Christmas Day we have to wait till everyone is up and then me and the husband go into the living room and then give the signal for everyone else to enter and behold the booty (you have to have time to set the camera up to catch surprised faces)

*after seeing what Santa left and going through the stockings we eat breakfast and drink mimosas and get dressed and then and ONLY THEN do we get to open presents

*there is even order to that. . . someone gets to be the designated present passer outer and everyone gets a present to open and we all take the time to see what they got before the next round of presents is passed out

Why all the order and precision? Well, mostly because it is how it was always done when I was a kid and my husband and I decided that it works best for our family. It makes Christmas last a bit longer than “on your mark, get set, GO!” and boom it’s over. All the gifts are opened and everyone is left looking at each other like over stuffed reindeer. This way we get to enjoy some of the moments we might have missed.

Will my kids take these traditions into their own homes when they have families of their own? who knows but one thing I do know. . . these traditions will be remembered and at least talked about when they get together. That makes me happy:)

**I have to get tape. Present wrapping came to a halt Sunday because I ran out.




  1. Sounds familiar, only it’s on Christmas Eve with our family, always was, always will be. And the opening of the presents one at a time, we started doing for the exact same reason you mentioned. When I was a kid, we all dug in, and it was a mess, as an adult with my kids, I didn’t want that. You didn’t say what’s in the box!!! ;o)
    What’s a Mimosa?

  2. I love when people take the time to really enjoy the present opening part. We didn’t as kids, but now my hubby and I make sure to take it slow and enjoy the experience. Have a lovely Christmas!

  3. ahhh it is so nice to have traditions. My family, specially my nieces and nephews are suffering a bit from a lack of traditions in our house. Hopefully I can do something about that this year.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. They probably will take some of the traditions. My family started a tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve, usually it was slippers or socks or some other utterly boring gift (my mom always set aside that particular gift). It was just to tide us over. Besides. My parents wrapped presents on Christmas Eve after we went to bed, so there really wasn’t a chance for us to rip into the gifts until morning. Then we would have to wait until my dad got his camera ready, somebody was “Santa” (present passer outer, but with a hat). Gifts were handed out, trash was put into a bag. Breakfast was cooked, and only one toy was taken out of the package. If it was Sunday, we opened one present before church.

  5. We always wait until Christmas morning also and do the one present at a time thing. My daughter always wants to be the Christmas elf and pass out the presents. I don’t know if my son will do this when he’s grown but I’m sure my daughter will. She is usually the one taking charge of the whole Christmas season from decorating to opening presents. She’s got spirit! Enjoy your day with your family. :o)

  6. that’s a lot like how we do it at my house! of course I’m not married and don’t have kids so me and the dogs are still the kids! LOL. Everyone gets a stocking from Santa, and our stockings are HUGE. I think I’m gonna steal the Mimosa idea for Xmas this year! Thanks! 🙂

  7. yep- i love our Christmas. hasn’t changed much – but i sure do miss ‘the lady in red’ every year. Mom had the Spirit – thats sure sure. being taunted by her about how suprised we were gonna be’ and ‘she knew what we were getting’ was even fun.

  8. ours is the same; minus the fact that there is lots of coffee consumption at the crack of dawn before all the other things
    looking forward to seeing what is in the box of course

  9. returned to see what was in the box 😉

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