I am Sick AND I am Grateful

December 20, 2007

Well, let me expand upon that thought for a moment. . . I’m not grateful for being sick, I’m just grateful AND sick at the same time.  The sick part is nothing to write about.  It’s a yucky head cold, blah blah blah but the grateful part came from GroggyFroggy’s website:

This is so funny!  Apparently you CANNOT do the dance without smiling and at some point, if you do it long enough, you begin to make “yeehaw” noises and such.

I vote that at some point during the holiday season, when you have tons of friends and or family about, that you suddenly jump up and shout, “everyone do the Gratitude Dance!” and then you and everyone else DO IT.  Perhaps you should practice it alone for a few days in advance so as to get the awkwardness out and then you can be a role model to those that will balk at the idea.  Guarenteed tons of fun to follow.

So, prepare yourself, my family, because at some point on  Christmas Day— there will be Gratitude Dancing.  Oh, yes there will.



  1. Oh, wow, that’s a dance even I can do!

  2. teehee

  3. I am smiling just watching!!! I had to jump and try it!

  4. Yeehaw! Too funny! Geez, how did they get all those people to do the dance for them! Fun!

  5. I love the gratitude dance. Thanks for sharing. Hope you and your family have a very wonderful Christmas.

  6. i’m ready! bring it on!

  7. Oh that was hysterical!! Seriously, I wish my husband could get on youtube, I’d have him watch this video, then send him on a mission to make everyone in the squadron do it!! At which point, I’d email the video to all of the wives, and get THEM all on video doing the dance! It’d be great. Oh so great.

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