Dec. 26–Official Ear Candling Day

December 29, 2007

My sister and I were noticing that the day after Christmas begins Kwanza and is Boxing Day and so we thought we would make it our own kinda day.

So, I give you the first official Ear Candling Day (here after to be celebrated on Dec. 26th). She only brought candles enough for one so she was the one that got candled (I lit her up and did the trimming– you should probably share this day with someone you love or someone you trust, eh?). Anyway, in her defense, we only thought of Ear Candling Day as we got started otherwise she would have had candles for everyone!!

Next year I foresee candles in all the stockings, my husband will be looking forward to that, no doubt.

Have a great weekend! (have you been thinking about the new year and how you would like to live it? I have and I will share more on that later.)

Peace~ Dawn


One comment

  1. I do ear candling once a month.. I love to buy the scented ones.. my favourite so far is bergamot.. they are made in the same tradition but infused with organic herbs.
    I do mine while I lie down in front of a mirror.. so relaxing.
    I am sending you blessings for a peaceful NYE and may all your wishes, hopes and dreams come true in 2008… and I look forward to keeping in touch next year xo

    by the way, I am sending out the invites to the faery land party soon, and I desperately need your email address…not sure if I had it, but I can’t find it now 😦

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