Solstice Hat

January 8, 2008

Remember the Ho Ho Santa Hat that never was, well I frogged it and took that gorgeous yarn and reincarnated it into the Solstice Hat

Momma Mia

 I used size 8 circulars with a heavy worsted weight yarn, CO 90 stitchesand did a 2″ roll brim instead of the k1, p1 brim.  When it came time to decrease I started with k13, k2tog and went from there following the instructions.  I think when I got to the k2, k2tog I simply ran the yarn through the remaining stitches and that was that.

Love this hat.  I can’t get rid of it.  I was gonna, but once I put it on my head it felt so good.  It’s mine.  I will try and knit something besides a hat for the next FO but I can’t make any promises.

I have a busy day tomorrow at work and Thursday I get my annual mammogram (ack!).  I will try to blog again before the weekend.  Have a wonderful day!!

Peace~  Dawn 



  1. Oh, what a wise choice! THis hat is gorgeous, and it suits you! The picture is lovely. Who took it? Good Luck with your Mammogram!

  2. it’s a gorgeous hat! I really like it a lot. 🙂

  3. I love it! gorgeous! If it ever needs a new home send it my way! LOL

  4. Love it! And what a great use for that yummy red yarn! Now I think it was meant to me that you couldn’t finish the Santa hat. 🙂

  5. Love the hat. I can see why you want to keep it!!!

  6. I hope the mammo went ok.. they are not a fun thing but necessary of course.. I LOVE that ‘hat’ – here, we would call that a beanie!

  7. Nice hat and really lovely photo too!

  8. oh- i love that hat! that shade of red is no nice with your dark hair. it definitely says ‘solstice’ to me.
    happy new year to you all at wildyarn!

  9. oops- sorry! i meant to write ‘so nice’ (what is wrong with my typing?!)

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