Get Grounded

January 24, 2008


  I read this passage this morning and just felt this connection.  Working with people in pain or people who don’t even know what living in a balanced body feels like makes you want to shake the world sometimes.  So read, re-read, connect, and meditate on this for a little bit today and see if you don’t get how important being grounded, in this moment in this time, really and truely is: 

In an alienated and “ungrounded” culture, where most values do not favor the body or its pleasures, we develop pain.  Our bodies hurt after a day at the computer or a day of driving.  The stress of competition and fast living do not give us a chance to rest and renew, or to process that hurt, to release it.  As we develop pain, we become, ironically, more resistant to grounding, for to ground is to be “in touch”.  Getting in touch means feeling that pain.  Yet this is the first step in making ourselves whole so that we begin to heal.   “Wheels of Life”  Anodea Judith 

So much is repressed, pushed down, denied.  We don’t know what we feel, what another feels or even if it is okay to feel at all.  People come in all the time and say, “oh, I have just lived with this for so long, I don’t even notice it hardly anymore”.  Pain is your bodies vocabulary, it is how it communicates with you.  If you don’t listen, it will act like a child who is ignored– it gets louder and louder and more obnoxious until finally it breaks something and you have to notice it.    

It is okay to live in your body.  It is okay to be grounded and connected to the earth.  It is okay to to touch someone and ask to be touched in return.   So feel what you feel today and try and understand where it is coming from so you can make the changes it takes to move toward healing.

Peace~ Dawn   



  1. Very well said. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for this post!

  3. Thanks for sharing that, it’s a good reminder.

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