Eye Candy Friday: “Y”

February 8, 2008

sd530739.jpg“Y” haven’t you been blogging, Dawn?  Well, it has been a self imposed sabbatical.  I have just felt overwhelmed with a lot of stuff that needs to get done and I thought I needed to cut down on the computer time.  I think as I come back to it, slowly, that I will be more strict as to the time I allow myself to spend on it.  The weather is going to be getting warmer (despite that damn groundhog) and I have garden plans for this spring.  Not to mention I got quite a bit of knitting done this week that I think would have otherwise been neglected.  

So, “Y” haven’t you done or not done something in your life lately?




  1. When I saw the tree my first thought was, wow that could be a huge sling shot :).

    I know what you mean about spending to much time on the computer.

  2. Yes, I completely understand. I have been limiting my computer time as much as I can. I also want to start working on the garden (which currently exists only in my mind) and crafting more. Love the picture.

  3. ugh! Yeah I’ve been super busy so not much time for blogging or blog reading. If I have to choose between knitting and blogging or reading I’ve been knitting. I’m allowing myself a little time now to catch up. I hear you!

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