Where Are The Nuts?

February 11, 2008


We had an enjoyable weekend.  Did loads of clearing out on Saturday and then Sunday went to dinner and saw the movie “Fools Gold”.  Really cute.  Pay the afternoon price, though.  There are way better movies to spend the big dough on.   Made me wanna go to the beach really badly, though.  All that tan skin and sunny skies.  Man.

I have a finished scarf that needs blocking but unfortunately I do not have access to my dining table.  My son has taken it over for his art table. So I have to get him to clear half of it off so I can, hopefully, get the scarf blocked tomorrow.  I would like to start wearing the scarf while I can. It is really soft and pretty. 

Massage Oil for Tired Sore Muscles:

  • 1 ounce carrier oil (sweet almond or grape seed are my favorites)
  • 15 drops Lavender oil
  • 10 drops Rosemary oil
  • 5 drops Lemon oil

(please use only essential oils and NOT fragrance oils, blah!)  keep in a dark bottle, amber or blue.  Will keep for up to 3 months.

Peace and a happy week to you all~ Dawn



  1. Hi Dawn,

    I love the Aura Cacia line of oils.
    They have one called Tranquility Oil, which is a combination of several oils….and it is simply divine.


  2. sounds yummy, where do I get essential oils? I doubt any where local sells them. Internet?

  3. I get so out of the loop on movies. We usually see them when they come out on DVD. The last one I watched was 3:10 to Yuma, enjoyed it.

    It sounds like your dining table is in similar condition as mine. It always has some project or another on it. I look forward to seeing the scarf.

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