Mindful Knitting

February 13, 2008


I love to have take along knitting but unfortunately most of my knitting (aside from hats) calls for a pattern or a chart or a pile of knitting to be dragged out of a bag.  Even socks.  There comes a point or two or three in a sock pattern that you need to concentrate.  You need a little silence. You need privacy.  You need to be able to finish a round.  Therefore, you need Mindful Knitting.  Projects that you can tell front from back with ease, projects that you can stop knitting in the middle of a row and it won’t throw you off when you pick it up again, projects that can be tucked into the tiniest of bags.  Best of all, projects that take you to that place of peace and meditation.  You can focus on the stitch, on the breath, on the recipient.  Each stitch is like a chant, a prayer.  A stitch in time, if you will.  

I applaud the book Mindful Knitting for helping those who need a hand to hold through the process.  It is well written, well rounded and has 10 super simple patterns that are beautiful and functional.   I love the aromatherapy tea cozy and the Lotus silk purse for the more complex mindful knitter.  They are on my list of things to make this year.

For the beginning of the mindful knitting process I found the perfect excuse to pull my book off the self, dust it off and grab some simple cotton (which I detest, but this is a process, right?) and began a dishcloth.  What brought this on, you ask.  Well, while reading some of my favorite blogs I found that Larissa (of Meathead fame) has another art project in the works and is calling on all willing knitters who would like to make and donate a 6″ square dishcloth made from natural, ecru, cream, etc cotton.  You can read about it here on her Call for Volunteer Knitters post.  Give it a look see and you may decide to join us.  Anyway, back to my dishcloth.  I wanted to participate but wanted my cloth to be a simple example made from simple cotton.  Nothing fancy just an example of utility.  So I remembered the book and pulled it out.  The three dishcloth patterns are so easy each would have been perfect for what I wanted.  I chose the Rice Stitch pattern and CO 31 on size 7 needles and got a 6″ square in no time.  While knitting it I kept thinking (totally un-mindful, by the way) that this was the perfect exercise for me right now.  Simple and unobtrusive.  I could breath while I knitted.  I could think, if I wanted to and let my mind drift around and then bring it back to the needles and I was where I had always been.  In the moment and the pattern was intact.  Yay.  

There you have it.  Simple is good, all the time.  Sometimes better than others.  Oh, Happy Valentines Day to you all.  If you read this blog consider yourself my Valentine on the 14th.  {{HUGS}} ~ Dawn.



  1. that’s that’s sweet. perfect.
    wonder what my mindless thing is.
    have a Happy Love Day!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

    I also just started a simple knitting project – a log cabin blanket. I needed something that I could do and not think about counting, or gauge, or fitting.

  3. I agree… sometimes you just need something to work on that isn’t going to take every ounce of concentration you have just to get going on it. I am working on a hoodie sweater, all in stockinette, which is perfect for this. I can just zoom along for hours without really paying attention!

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