Felicity in Paprika

February 18, 2008

Oh lookie! a finished object and her name is FELICITY:

I loved this pattern when I first saw it. I tried it a couple of months ago but the gathered back turned me off and the CO number seemed so small. So I tried to fiddle with it and was not satisfied so I Ripped it back and put away the pattern.

Then along came Spirals and her Felicity. Well, it was just to much.  Way to cute and just what I wanted, so. . .  

I bought some new yarn (an inspiring color–Paprika) and pulled out the pattern again.  I followed it exactly but for these modifications:

  • size 6 instead of size 5 needles for the beginning
  • increase till 120 and no further
  • made an even decrease crown instead of the gathered one


I am so happy with it.  I used Red Heart Soft Yarn in Paprika (very similar to Caron Simply Soft, but it doesn’t split as easy.  I love it).  So if you are looking for somthing other than a beanie than look no further.  Felicity might just be for you.  




  1. oh! it is so cute, Dawn! I love how slouchy yet fitted it is!

  2. I love the hat and the color.

  3. I love it, and all the pictures as well. It suits you, great job!

  4. So Cute! I’m just wondering if the weather here in GA is going to hold out long enough to even wear a knitted hat.. its already getting rather warm here.

  5. Nice hat! I really like the spirals on it. It looks great on you.

  6. This turned out so incredibly incredibly cute! I actually have this pattern in my work bag to start on today. I am hoping it will go quickly because I could really use a new hat. It is definitely still hat weather here in Chicago (the windchill is -15 today!).

  7. It looks great! It’s so cute!

  8. Adorable!

  9. I’m not real familiar with word press, so hope this works. Been doing some blog walking. We’re both on 25 Things, but actually made my way here through several other blogs and have now lost my way. lol

    Awesome hat!!! How difficult do you think the pattern is? I’m working at improving my knitting, but haven’t done much with patterns that require lots of counting and keeping track so far.

    Swing over for a visit, welcome mats always out and I plan to pour the wine tonight at 5.


  10. That hat is the bomb!

  11. very nice! i saw that you had “favorited” it on ravelry and now heres yours!! its very nice! such a cute hat hey… i wore mine down in Jamaica and got compliments on it from some locals…. so i must be a gooder!

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