Textile Knitting

February 26, 2008

There be knitting going on in these parts, I swear.  As an example of said knitting, behold the above photographic evidence.  I have taken the rest of the “Felicity” yarn and made a nice square fabric piece and I bought this nice SWS yarn in “natural earth” and am making another piece of fabric.  Together they will be a pillow.   


Now, on to other subjects of interest to me.  I have begun reading Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”.  I am so engrossed in it that I would like to post quotes from it from time to time and invite anyone else reading the book (and this blog) to post comments, question or suggestions for comments and questions if they feel the desire to.  I don’t think I will join the whole Oprah’s book club online discussion thing because I really don’t have time on Monday evenings (I’m usually not here) but we shall see.  I am kind of open to opinions in the blog world verses a virtual classroom.  I am a black sheep that way.  But anyway, here is my quote from the book for today:


“The past has no power to stop you from being present now.  Only your grievance about the past can do that.  And what is a grievance?  The baggage of old thought and emotion.”  pg. 66 


Hmm, how many times can you think of that you got stuck on thinking about what someone else did or said to you.  How many days did you waste on thinking about old emotions.  Emotions that came and went except in your head.   I have several vivid examples in my own life.  Times when I stalled myself out and only when I forgave and let go did I free myself.  It was like suddenly my life was flung forward and I began moving again.  It was amazing to me how re-living ONE thought pattern over and over made me stay in the same place.  Life was going on all around me and yet, I was standing still.  Grievances have no purpose but to keep you in one place.  Forgiving or letting go, serves to put you in motion again, back in the flow of life.  


Today:  recognize a grievance you have, see how it is holding you back.  Once you recognize that, you can let it go and move on with YOUR life.  Peace~ Dawn   




  1. as you may know, i do just that a lot…. it’s in my head! and then theres those times i get it! ** ahhhhhhh** experience is a lot of it. sounds like a great book (though i haven’t been much into reading lately) – and i’ll be checking in to read more of your “wisdom for the day” – thanks – and i love you!
    your little sister

  2. what a great post. thank you for sharing.

  3. I can’t wait to see the pillow! Pretty!

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