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Sacred Life Sunday: Chakra Crystals

March 30, 2008


I love crystals, gems, rocks, stones.  These are my chakra crystals; each stone corresponds to one of the 7 main chakras of the energy body.  I simply love the fact that the heart chakra stone is shaped like a heart.  As soon as I saw that one I grabbed it and added it to the bag.  Nice.  I also love the giant amethyst and how deep the purple is closer to the point.

They are as follows:  Bloodstone, Tigers Eye, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst.

Stay well and enjoy the close of the weekend and the opening of a new week. Peace~ Dawn


When It Rains, Yada Yada Yada. . .

March 27, 2008

Here is one for you:

“What do you get when you have 2 cars brake down in 2 days?”


Well, the verdict hasn’t come in on one of them but my car needs a new engine.  Are those trees that everyone talks about growing that money, yet?  Let me know if you see any, k?
I’m gonna go try and practice acceptance now.  Peace~ Dawn

PRGE Contest

March 21, 2008

My secret pal sent me her 3 favorite punk songs and I am to match them with a project or a yarn.  So here are the 3 songs and the pictures that follow are in order of the songs (whatever, that made no sense).  

  1. The Tossers – Good Mornin Da
  2. Gogol Bordello – Super Theory of Super
  3. Apocalyptica - Inquisition Symphony



The first song is an Irish punk band and what speaks Irish more than a green tam?  Top ‘o the mornin’ ta ya.


The second song has a real gypsy feel to it and as soon as I heard it I thought of my two (unfinished) gypsy bags.  They are made from various scrap yarns and I love how lively and fun they are, just like the song.


Finally, the third song.  This one is more difficult and required a couple of listens before I could match it up with anything.  It is a band that features some Dutch cello players.  It is Classical style music with a kick in the punk ass.  Very complex and interesting.  Hello–that would be LACE!

Well, I hope you enjoyed that, even though most of you have no idea what it was all about. If you have the inclination, search the songs on iTunes and give them a little listen. You may broaden your musical horizon.

Have a great weekend!! Peace~ Dawn   


Forsythia, Forsooth

March 20, 2008

Happy Spring, everyone! get out there and spot some life and welcome it back into the world! woohoo!!


The House of Pain

March 19, 2008

Well, that is a bit over dramatic.  Got your attention though, didn’t it.  For real though, my poor husband is in the middle of a fast/bowel cleansing as he is going in for a colonoscopy tomorrow.   The worst part today is the disgusting bowel cleanser he has to drink.  Very salty and very blah!

This is sad boy, him broke skateboard:


This happy boy, him get new skateboard:

p1030473.jpgHis favorite hobby.  He is teaching the young one all he knows, including how to get scrapped up and bruised.  We have a new skate park in the neighborhood and on Sunday the young one came home with a nice cherry on his hip and a good gouge out of his chin.  It bleed and oozed for quite a while.  He is okay.  Just the hazards of the sport.

I am almost done with the tank top I am working on.  I am hoping with the BO and the photo shoot that nice, incredible weather will follow suit.  The Bradford Pear trees are all in bloom her and it is looking gorgeous.

Until the next time:  The source of ALL energy is within you.  Peace~ Dawn 


Shetland Triangle Status: DONE

March 12, 2008


Here is the Shetland Triangle all done and basking in the glorious sun! I did 8 repeats of the lace pattern and then did the edging and other than that, I stayed true to the way it was written. Excellent pattern. Easy and fast. This was a record for me. I think it took me 5 days to knit up. Whew!p1030483.jpg

I will be back next week.  I have a busy end to my week (have to work all day tomorrow, my usual day off) and I will be gone over the weekend.  An Ani DiFranco concert on Friday night (WOOT!!) and a continuing education class on Saturday.  Feel free to drool over the shawl (I sure have) and have a fantastic weekend and tons of fun and hug, laugh, love and smile your way through till Monday!!  Peace~ Dawn


Guess Who

March 11, 2008

Let’s play a little game, shall we?  Look at the following picture of the basketball players.  Who would you say belongs to me?


If you said This One, you are right:

This was at the awards banquet for all the teams.  This scene (which happened more than once, my son flashing the metal sign) is funny for three reasons:

  1. The teams of basket ball players belong to Upward which is a Christian group of team sports for kids 5 through 12, or something like that. 
  2. We do not attend church and are not affiliated with ANY organized religion
  3. We live in a tiny town. 

So for me this is funny as hell.  But then again, since I find it funny would you expect any less from my offspring? 

**knitting news:  I have finished the Shetland Triangle and it is blocking as you read this!  Yay!  (click for a larger view)p1030472.jpg