The House of Pain

March 19, 2008

Well, that is a bit over dramatic.  Got your attention though, didn’t it.  For real though, my poor husband is in the middle of a fast/bowel cleansing as he is going in for a colonoscopy tomorrow.   The worst part today is the disgusting bowel cleanser he has to drink.  Very salty and very blah!

This is sad boy, him broke skateboard:


This happy boy, him get new skateboard:

p1030473.jpgHis favorite hobby.  He is teaching the young one all he knows, including how to get scrapped up and bruised.  We have a new skate park in the neighborhood and on Sunday the young one came home with a nice cherry on his hip and a good gouge out of his chin.  It bleed and oozed for quite a while.  He is okay.  Just the hazards of the sport.

I am almost done with the tank top I am working on.  I am hoping with the BO and the photo shoot that nice, incredible weather will follow suit.  The Bradford Pear trees are all in bloom her and it is looking gorgeous.

Until the next time:  The source of ALL energy is within you.  Peace~ Dawn 



  1. Good luck to your husband-that stuff you have to drink is horrible and it’s really (that and the after effects of the stuff you drink) are the worst part-really.

  2. I feel for your hubby…I hate that test…

    I love his skateboard!!!

  3. It did get my attention. lol And I laughed at your sad boy/happy boy pics and captions. Hilarious

  4. having been thru a colonoscopy – the stuff you have to take and drink before the procedure is almost worse than the thing itself! yuk…that stuff to drink is so awful!!!!!!!! how did your husband go?

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