PRGE Contest

March 21, 2008

My secret pal sent me her 3 favorite punk songs and I am to match them with a project or a yarn.  So here are the 3 songs and the pictures that follow are in order of the songs (whatever, that made no sense).  

  1. The Tossers – Good Mornin Da
  2. Gogol Bordello – Super Theory of Super
  3. Apocalyptica - Inquisition Symphony



The first song is an Irish punk band and what speaks Irish more than a green tam?  Top ‘o the mornin’ ta ya.


The second song has a real gypsy feel to it and as soon as I heard it I thought of my two (unfinished) gypsy bags.  They are made from various scrap yarns and I love how lively and fun they are, just like the song.


Finally, the third song.  This one is more difficult and required a couple of listens before I could match it up with anything.  It is a band that features some Dutch cello players.  It is Classical style music with a kick in the punk ass.  Very complex and interesting.  Hello–that would be LACE!

Well, I hope you enjoyed that, even though most of you have no idea what it was all about. If you have the inclination, search the songs on iTunes and give them a little listen. You may broaden your musical horizon.

Have a great weekend!! Peace~ Dawn   



  1. i LOVE the tam… and i LOVE gogol bordello and the gypsy bags and apocalyptica is amazing…. i saw them live in san francisco a few years back.. so crazy amazing…. the lace is a great idea…

    i wish i had you as a partner! or joined at all… hahaha whoops…

    nice work as usual!

  2. I love what you did with this contest! Its so fun to see what everyone has done!

  3. What pattern is that green hat? I love it!

  4. You are very creative to be able to match the projects so well with the songs.

  5. I have them already 😛

    I would be a crappy music major if I didn’t…. I love the way you paired the projects lovely idea!!! :D:D:D I like to paint to darker classical , metal, an Alt.
    But I like to clean to lighter gypsy, an Irish feeling music… *sigh*
    I want that Tam :P:P

  6. Yes, I loved that! Matching songs to these lovely knits!!

    Lovin’ the little gypsy bags…

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