Cherry Popper

April 8, 2008

With a title like that, what could I possibly mean?  I am participating in the Punk Rock Gift Exchange (for the 3rd time) and it’s my partner’s first and she explained in the first package to me that I popped her cherry for this exchange {blush}.  I feel special. 

 She spoiled me good, see.  Nice DK weight yarn that will probably become something like this.  Some awesome wooden dpn’s in all sizes imaginable, chai tea (me favorite), cool cool sock book, and of course who could survive a swap without CHOCOLATE and dark to boot!  To make the package even more spectacular she encluded some patches for my young one (cause he rocks, too).  I told him I get at least one so I picked out the leopard print one in the botton right corner (’tis fuzzy). 

Who is responsible for such spoilage?  Valeria!  Thank you bunches, girl!




  1. I’m so glad you like it, lady! I picked out some superwash yarn so you could try out the sock patterns without worry of shrinkage later. Only someone with your skill could kick out some of the amazing patterns in that book! Can’t wait to see what you do with it all!

  2. Oh how wonderful!!! I love swaps. If I hadn’t been participating in another one, I would have done PRGE again. 🙂 Maybe next go round?

  3. So many goodies! This is an awesome swap! Got lucky with your swap partner! :o) Oh, and I like Kirsten’s scarf. I even have the yarn she used. Maybe some day …

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