The Bad and The Good

April 10, 2008

That my dear friends is the HOLE that was in my engine.  You remember the engine that I had to have replaced a few weeks ago.  Well, that hole was about the size of a soft ball.  My “new” engine is in and my car is running perfectly.  In fact, much better than it was the whole time I have had it.  Hmmm, it was probably bad all along.  Anyway, on to the Good:

This is some relatively expensive yarn from Art Yarns called Silk Rhapsody in a pale, dusty pink with gold.  It is a silk, kid mohair blend and it is so silky soft and shimmery.  I splurged because as I was walking through the LYS yesterday returning 2 skeins of organic cotton I spotted it and thought, “oh that is so pretty” and then I touched it and thought, “oh that is so soft”  and then I said, “screw it, it is mine”.  So yesterday I hand wound it into a nice ball and it is waiting, patiently for the arrival of a pair of knitting needles I am testing for a fellow blogger.  She wants to add them to her store and asked if I would test knit with them.  What an excuse for luxury yarn.  I will blame it all on her {hehehe}.  

Have a terrific day–I know I will because it is my day off, all my company from over the weekend and beyond have left and I am sitting in peace and quiet.  Ahhhhhhhh. . . . .



  1. Holy smokes! I didn’t know engines could get like that! Glad, you’ve got your car fixed and all is well.

    What lovely yarn! Can’t wait to see what you make with it. Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow – that’s a big hole! I’ve knit with Silk Rhapsody, and it’s wonderful. I like the colorway you choose as well. You’ll like it, I’m sure! :o)

  3. Lovely yarn. I saw some super yarn today at the new yarn and art fiber store in Wimberley, Texas, but with no special pattern I didn’t sucumb to temptation. But, oh, was it ever beautiful…all of it. BTW, love the tattoo!

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