Eye Candy Friday: Ahhhh, The Cuteness

May 9, 2008





  1. Oh dear! He is too cute for words!

  2. yay! 🙂 he is so handsome. I will never grow tired of boxer faces. 😀

  3. what a cutie!

  4. Nice picture!

    I’m catching up on reading blogs, to bad about the yarn not being the right colors for your next project. My first thought was maybe trying to dye it a different color. However my last dye project turned into mud so I’m not in a mood to recommend dyeing right now. If you really don’t think you will ever want to use this yarn you might want to try destashing it. I’ve seen some groups on ravelry for destashing and there is a blog found here for destahing http://destashforcash.wordpress.com/. I think you would have better luck on ravelry though.

  5. What a great picture.

  6. Aw! So cute!

  7. Tag you’re it! Share 6 random things about yourself, instructions here. That dog is wicked cute!

  8. :D:D:D Squee!

  9. Oh my, that is just too cute 🙂


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