What ‘Cha Makin’?

May 12, 2008


This photo is of all the works in progress and finished objects that I have going on and it is all just sitting by my recliner in the living room.  

At the top you will see the finished cushy face cloth I finished using the test needles and the latest piece of lace (in that gorgeous aqua blue from Knit Picks).  Then there is a gypsy bag and the Montego Bay scarf.  I work on each of them periodically but like I said, lace is in my blood at the moment.  The dark blue lace that I started last year is still being worked on and will be done before Christmas of this year.  That is my goal…

Oh, there is also a pink tank top there in the photo that I finished awhile ago but have yet to weave in those pesky loose ends.  I hate that part.  The weather is warm enough that I could start wearing it so I better get it done and photographed.  

It’s Monday, experience something new and savor every moment of it.  Right now I am experiencing Kiwi/Strawberry yogurt and it is delicious!



  1. A baby blanket, a bib, an a pair of fingerless mitts 😛

  2. Love all the yarn and WIPs!.

  3. I am sewing a purse and waiting on yarn (should be here any day) to crochet a shawl for Afghans for Afghans. Oh, and a log cabin afghan (knitted) for my dad.

  4. oooh! 🙂

  5. Wow, you are so organised. You have all your projects in one spot. Mine are all over the house.
    As for what I’m making, I have the bayerische socks on the needles. I should be done with these in another week. I also have a sideway sweater on the needles. I laid out a pattern this morning to cut out for a shirt and I have two skirts I need to do something with. I had dyed them after making them and the dye didn’t turn out to good. I think I’m going to re-dye one and just dye the other one black. On the spinning wheel is some bfl.

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