Sacred Life Sunday: Afternoon Joe

June 1, 2008
I just love my new French Press!  Makes the best coffee–who knew?  
This has been a much over due weekend.  I have been really busy at work and when I get home I am wiped out.  I have been looking forward to two days of doing NOTHING.  Ah, it has been great.  Two side notes that have made my weekend a bit less than desirable:  
  1. I broke a filling in my back molar and have a dentist appointment on Tuesday.  I fear the news I get there will be regarding a root canal, but I truly, truly hope not.  
  2. Our AC has gone out.  Our house is a mini oven, slowly roasting 6 people alive.  The “man” comes tomorrow for the verdict on that.  

So, that is a rough update.  I hope you have enjoyed your weekend and have been having a better time of it than I in the $$$$$$ department.  I seem to have pockets like a sieve.  Blast!




  1. sweet freaking AC! I hope you get that baby fixed soon!

  2. oh lovely….*crap*

  3. I hope your dentist appt. went well.

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