Yoga Wednesday: Extended Foot Pose (1) or Padottanasana

June 11, 2008

Extended Foot Pose (1) or Padottanasana, originally uploaded by DawnsRays.


Lolly has set up a flickr group called Yoga Wednesday and since I like to do yoga and today is Wednesday I present my first post for your perusal.

Padottanasana meaning “intense foot stretch” is a great stretch for the calves and hamstrings, esp. to loosen hamstrings and addutors.

Done without camera assistance and no remote can cause pulling of these muscles, so not advised. . . aka: get help



  1. Agreed 😛

    *They Packed My mat!!!! I have hard wood floors ‘cries’*

  2. I wish I had your flexibility!

  3. Whoah… that looks very cool in the photo! I have to be very careful about which yoga poses that I do because of my back injuries so I’m limited (at this point in time and without a professional teacher to monitor me) to very simple poses and stretches. Any bends that I do are usually assisted by one of those yoga balls.. just so I don’t injure myself!

  4. Supercool!

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