Summer and the Sea

June 17, 2008

I have not been missing in action I have actually been quite the knitter lately.  My adventures have been in the Land of Frog, however and who wants to see pictures of that?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  

Question:  HAVE YOU EVER HAD A SKEIN OF YARN YOU WANTED TO KNIT WITH SO BADLY BUT NO MATTER WHAT PROJECT YOU CHOSE, IT ENDED UP “YUCK”?  Till you got to the point you thought, “damn it! I am gonna make something with you even if it is a noose to hang myself with”.  Well, that has been my problem for, oh, 2 weeks or so now.  Then the new Knitty came out and the light of heaven shinned down and my yarn had a home:  Seascape.


Now this is Alpaca Cloud from KnitPicks in a seafoam colorway that I adore.  The heathered shading is so beautiful I could just fall under it’s spell.  Soft, fuzzy, gorgeous yarn!  and this pattern is perfect for it.  It is airy enough for a summer lace project and yet full of enough stockinette to show off the yarn.  I am loving this pattern right now.  Mmmmhhmmmm.

{as for the scissors on the knitting?  I don’t know why they are there, but it looked cool in the picture so I left them and then promptly moved them to safer ground.}



  1. You an yarns you can’t find stuff to make stuff out f 😛

    I love what you found though!!

    I am now up to my eyeballs in camo-moths…teehee:P But my needle an hook got packed in hold baggage *oh the travesty!* won’t see it for a month!

  2. I see you have a pair of the evil dangerous sissors too. I no longer carry them in my knitting bag because I kept getting bitten.

  3. oh my that looks luscious!

  4. So glad to see you finally found a project for the yarn and it looks like a perfect project for it.

  5. Oh yes, I can relate to the yarn-pattern dilemna. Looks like you found something in the just right category. Can’t wait to see the rest.

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