Eye Candy Friday: Skin

June 20, 2008

Skin, originally uploaded by DawnsRays.


“. . . open your mind’s inner ear and listen to the lovely song of silence. Here is the joy of contemplative sweetness. Follow this bliss.”

~Lama Surya Das
“Awakening the Buddha Within”



  1. Great picture!

  2. What a fantastic picture! (love the quote too!)

  3. I think I’ve seen one of the owners of the skin’s relative in my yard a couple of times this week. Lucky for the relative that my dog isn’t aggressive. He just looks at it like, “what is that”?

    Very nice picture.

  4. Pretty picture! No wonder people are so fond of making handbags out of this stuff.
    And great quote.

    AND, wrong post but: you JUMPED OUT of a plane? Good on ya. I aint gonna. Ever.

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