Sacred Life Sunday: Leisurely Breakfast

July 13, 2008

Sundays are lazy days around these parts.  We may wake up early but no one gets out of their p.j’s, brushes their hair, or even hints at the days activities until well after 11am.  There is nothing finer than a pot of strong coffee and a box of pastries and your favorite form of mind numbing extravagance (tv, computer, book, paper or yard gazing).  You get that nice mixture of caffeine and sugar high that makes you feel FINE.  A pleasant euphoria.  After it dwindles and true hunger sets in, then and only then, do you grab for pants and keys and possibly head out for the day (or you simply waddle off to the fridge to forage for more substantial sustenance.)  However your Sundays begin, I hope they are the beginnings of a wonderful day that wraps up your weekend nicely.  Excuse me, I need more sugar.

{the photo was taken on vacation of one of the biggest pastries I have ever seen.  The picture is deceiving-because the danish was SO much larger than that cup of java.  Courtesy of Antonio’s Bakery–oh so yummy}



  1. how nice!

  2. Yes I have the same routine… but then I feel like having an after breakfast nap… for some reason coffee has strange reverso effects on me… especially on the weekend.

  3. I like the sound of your Sundays, very relaxing.

  4. Sounds heavenly!! We tend to take it easy on the weekends too. It’s the best way to recharge after a busy week.

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