Sherbrooke Cowl

July 28, 2008
Ah ha!! She knits!!  Here is my finished cowl. . . the Sherbrooke Cowl from Lolly.  It is a really cool pattern that is fun and fast to knit and can be made to order as far as the length and width goes.  
I don’t really know how I feel about cowls.  I have never really worn one and seeing as it is in the 80’s/90’s around these parts at the moment, I haven’t really tested it out.  I think it will be cool to have several cowls to choose from for the winter in place of scarves.  I think that may be my fashion statement for the cold season.  We shall see.  I have several book marked on Ravelry and since they fit the bill for a fast knit you will be seeing more of these in the future.  
“Tah” for now.  Have a great week ahead!!
Peace~  Dawn


  1. Ooh.. nice! I’m with you on the weather though.. its so hard to figure out what I want to knit when its 95 and I’m sweating buckets.

  2. Nice cowl, I’ve been seeing them more and more on the internet lately. I think if the weather was a good bit colder down here I would own a few to.

  3. It looks great! I like cowls, at first I liked EZ’s neck warmers, which I have two, and I’m sure at some point I will knit cowls too. They are more practical. :o)

  4. There’s nothing like a nice toasty cowl when you’re out walking the dogs on a winter night. Looks fab!

  5. oh, it looks great! so exciting 🙂
    i can’t wait for fall – after the cowl binge of the early summer, there are so many to choose from now!

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