Eye Candy Friday: The Air Up There

August 1, 2008

. . . and I will

climb your limbs

and nestle my face

in your hair

and wish and wish 

that I was born of Thee.


Have a wonderful weekend (school starts Monday for my 12 year old so we will be school shopping—wheeeee)



  1. gorgeous!
    and i can’t believe that your school starts monday!!!!! what happened to summer?!

  2. My son starts school on the 11th but orientation is on the 7th.. we’ve got to go school shopping VERY soon too!

  3. Nice picture and poem, I so love trees :). Have fun shopping.

  4. The light is just perfect….

    School already!!! no no it can’t be…

  5. Oh Dawn, this one brought tears to me eyes. Thank you!

  6. very nice poem to go with your very nice photo. talented you!

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