Object Underway: Minttumaari-huivi

August 4, 2008

I bought 2 skeins (288 yards each) of this really nice wool yarn from handpaintedyarn.com.  A double knit yarn in the Opal colorway.  I had purchased a pattern and really had the whole damn thing complete except for 1/2 of the boarder and then the pattern confused the crap out of me on the corner turn…….

Long story short–it is now 2 balls of yarn again.  


Then looking through Ravelry (as one is want to do when need of inspiration or a pattern) I came upon a Beautiful shawl (Minttumaari-huivi) that was FREE and only in FINNISH.  Well hell.  I don’t read Finnish.  Well, I had just finished frogging an almost complete shawl and I will be damned if a language barrier was going to keep me from this one!!  so, I pressed on and with a bit of searching I was directed to a Ravelry group that is dedicated to Ulla’s patterns and I found Vikatikkejä blog.  Bless this woman so much for she has translated this pattern into English (my only tongue if you don’t count cursing).  So for anyone interested here is the link for the Minttumaari-huivi in English.  

That was a round about way of telling you what I am working on at the moment but what fun would it have been to read if I just laid it out there, blat! without all the trials and tribulations that I went through to get there myself.  

Great week, everyone!!



  1. I run into so many patterns on Ravelry that are in a different language then what I can comprehend. Makes me want to learn to at least read different languages.

    That is awesome that you were able to find the pattern in English. Have fun knitting.

  2. I love the border on the Minttumaari-huivi. Pretty shawl.

  3. […] by dawnsrays on October 28, 2008 Previously blogged about in August, you may remember the odyssey that was finding this awesome shawl pattern in English.  Well, it […]

  4. beautiful…. amazing how it all starts so small and you just weave it – to be.

    haven’t visited your blog in a while so i thought i’d leave my comment here. 🙂

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