Yoga Wednesday: Paschimottanasana

August 6, 2008

If you can’t reach for the sky than at least reach for what is right out in front of you.



  1. Hey, you wear toe rings like us Indians!

  2. Another toe ring wearer! Because of my back injuries I have to do that pose with the aid of a belt.. maybe one day I’ll be able to actually reach my feet. lol.

  3. Nice pose! You don’t seem to struggle to reach your toes. ;o)

  4. Add another one that thinks the toe rings are cool. The toe rings are the first thing that pops out in the picture, well that and the fact your very flexible.

  5. Nice pose. Yay for yoga wednesdays!

  6. I used to be supple to be able to do that…these days a week in hospital would be my fate if I tried that… nice pose.

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