Cleanliness is Next to Soap

August 11, 2008

I have been using up stash to make wash cloths.  In the process, I joined a swap on Ravelry to make a wash cloth and send it along with some handmade soap to another knitter/crocheter.  I made the DW washcloth and the Loopy Loop washcloth for the swap.  While struggling with the kitchen cotton I had in my stash I began thinking of hemp and linen and combinations of the two and how much better washclothes would be if they were made with those fibers instead of the dread kitchen cotton (blah, if you have read my blog for very long you know of my loathing of this yarn–don’t ask why it is in my stash, it just is). 

Anyway, I purchased some hemp/cotton yarn in the darkest purple you can imagine and set out on the loopy loop cloth.  (the color in the picture does not reflect the true color of the yarn, alas):

Can I just say that this was so much fun to knit and the yarn, ahhhhhh.  Super soft and floaty fabric results. 

Next up, the DW cloth with kitchen cotton:

Cool pattern and it does make varigated yarn look really dapper. 

Future post will reveal the hemp/cotton/linen yarn selections that I have made and my feelings about it all.  Enjoy this new week.  I have a busy work schedule but I am in a knitting/photo taking groove so it should not affect it too bad.  Stay tuned…

**that is the true purple of the loopy loop washcloth — it rocks!!, if you like purple** click images for bigger results



  1. Your last picture rocks. I like it a lot. Who knew that washcloth picutres can be so beautiful? :o)

  2. That purple really does rock!
    I really like the DW cloth- I don’t think I have seen it before. Very cool pattern for varigated yarn.

  3. okay, I don’t love the cotton crap either and I do love the linen, but linen with hemp? Hmmmm sign me up…now I want to do some washcloth knitting! nice pix too!

  4. YAY!!! dawn…. youve given me a grat idea…washcloths are square and relatively easy to make… I can do that!!!!

  5. There is probably not a knitter out there that doesn’t have kitchen cotton in their stash somewhere, and we all have the same opionion of it ;).

    The washclothes look great and I think your swap partner will love them.

  6. sweet!!

    Well we are home in Ga now 😛

  7. I’m thiinkng right now that maybe it is a good thing that I am not familiar with kitchen cotton…hmmm; however your washclothes are really nice. I look foward to your comments on the linen/hemp/cotton stash. This is giving me ideas for the holidays!

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