Alternative Fiber Choices

August 13, 2008

First of all this is going to sound like a huge promotion for Elann.com (and well, it kinda is–they are a great company.  I have never had a bad experience with them:  yarn is wonderful, prices can’t be beat and they ship fast).  Like I said in my last post:  kitchen cotton, bad–alternative fibers good.  In the photo that follows we have a box full of goodies for wash clothes and for hand towels (Ripple Hand Towel):

 Camila in the blue and green is a cotton/linen blend.  Very soft with a nice drape.  

Canapone in the raspberry color is 100% hemp.  Lace/fingering weight.  I have knit with this before.  It feels a bit waxy but after a couple of inches you get use to it and the fabric that falls from the needles is wonderful.  Hemp is great for washcloths because it has antibacterial properties and resists mold!!  PLUS, the more you wash hemp the softer and softer it gets.  I have used the Canapone to make a triangle beach wrap and I love it.  

Coto Canapone is the dark purple yarn that I used for the Loopy Loop wash cloth in the last post.  It is a cotton/hemp blend that is ultra soft to work with and has a nice drape as well.  

The other yarn is mercerized cotton for some market bags to be made later.  

Bottom line: there are some nice “alternatives” to the cheap cotton yarn that can be purchased and the end results are nicer.  For those saying, “yes, but they are more expensive,” I say You Get What You Pay For and frankly if I am going to take the time to make a wash cloth/ hand towel instead of buying one, I want it to be quality.  Give Linen and Hemp a try and see for yourself.  Mix it with cotton or try it straight.  You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Knit Pixie has a line of Hemp for Knitting that would be nice to check out, too.  It is a bit more expensive than Elann.  I have used the Allhemp3 before and liked it very much.  Knit Pixie is a great company, too.  Very nice to deal with and they ship fast, too!!

Start your holiday knitting now and get some of those “small” projects out of the way.  Oh yes, a set of wash cloths and hand towels that are hand made would make a nice wedding/graduation gift.  Just a thought.  

Peace~ Dawn



  1. thanks for this. I know that I have not been happy with anything I made using kitchen cotton – it doesn’t last, looks terrible after you wash it (I know it is only a washcloth – still).

  2. Thanks for the review. I can also vouch for knit pixie. I’ve ordered from them a couple of times and I’ve gotten great service.

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