SHINE, Yeah!!

August 22, 2008


This is a hat for the Rad Bad Beanie Project.  

The pattern for the hat is from Cosy’s book Knit One, Embellish Too.  I love this book, so full of fun hats and ideas.  

Anyway, this is the  ’70’s Ski Sweater Hat that I transformed into the Shine Hat!  I love it and I hope that the kid that gets it loves it, too.

Great weekend all!!



  1. Very cute hat. I think any teen that gets it will love it!

  2. Awesome! I really love doing embroidery on knitwear as well.. and that hat looks like it will be well loved.

  3. What a great idea! It makes me happy just looking at this hat! :o)

  4. Fantastic hat, love it!

  5. […] her blog entry. this one doubles as both a book knit and a word-along. i really like how it’s double […]

  6. Great hat! Love the sun embroidery. It will warm the heart of the lucky recipient

  7. What a fantastic hat. I have started my hat knitting for Rad Bad as well as Afghans for Afghans. I love how super fast hats go.

  8. sweet!

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