Eye Candy Friday: The Business of Trees

August 29, 2008

Moss patches
Sewn to the sides
Of the Oak–
Layers, layers thick.

Richly rooted
She stands
Pinned against
Azure skies.

Limbs that I cannot reach
That I cannot see
Resonate with
Unfinished bird song
And I am lifted
And I am there.




  1. gorgeous words and image

  2. Look at those colors! Beautiful poem. I feel like a walk in the woods.

  3. What an amazing photo! Just beautiful colors and texture…

  4. I can feel the magic and mystery of trees through your words and image. Wonderful.

  5. Very nice uplifting poem. It fits the image very well.

  6. Hi Dawn,

    A beautiful picture and your poem is a tender expression of the visual.
    When I first looked at the picture, I saw myself there…in front of it. And thought that I would want to touch it. But stopped…..then your poem confirmed my hesitation.
    It comes across as very respectful of mother Earth…giving it space and room to simply be.

    It is so nice to see some of your new knits again.


  7. As usual, a very lovely poem. I have always been fascinated by moss and lichen attached to trees.

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