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Hey! Shorty

September 27, 2008

Hey! Shorty, originally uploaded by DawnsRays.

Nothing says fall like a hair cut.My young one wanted his hair cut. He said he needed it a little shorter so he wouldn’t have so many knots.

You don’t know how anxious it made me having to cut it for him. I love the long hair …. but he is happy with it and it looks good.

He shed 4 inches.


The Lion Ate Elmo Scarf

September 25, 2008

The Lion Ate Elmo Scarf, originally uploaded by DawnsRays.


I made this Red Scarf for the Red Scarf Project with some stash yarn [Caron Simply Soft and some fluffy eyelash stuff I got at Hobby Lobby back in the day when I thought all that novelty stuff was “cool”].

The pattern is the Purl scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts [which I have mentioned before is a great book and wise investment for any knitter].

It was hard to part with because, damn, it was soft and warm! but someone will love wearing it besides me and that makes me happy.

If you have the yarn and the time make a scarf for this charity before October 31st and get it in the mail. It will make you feel all tingly and good inside (bonus, it will make more room for NEW yarn). Just trying to be a friend;)



My 1st PRGE Package of the Season

September 23, 2008

My pal from the Punk Rock Gift Exchange, Shannon, sent me the best package.  Included in the box of boss goodies was 3 balls of Berroco Ultra Silk yarn (soft and slinky), red current candles that smell devine and some stitch markers she made — they are really pretty and very practicle, she used wire thread which makes them flexible for many different needle sizes!  I am very happy.  Happy, happy.


08 fair

September 22, 2008

08 fair, originally uploaded by DawnsRays.

Welcome Autumn!

We know fall is on the way when the county fair comes to town. That is where we spent Saturday evening. Eating loads of crap and listening to carnies yell ridiculous things to strangers in hopes that it will entice them to spend lots of cash. We refrained (pats on back).

Though I am a summer girl through and through (you will never hear me wishing for winter, though there are things I love about it), I can say with all honesty that autumn is one of the prettiest times of year. The colors that come out in Tennessee can only be seen during Sept./Oct. You cannot duplicate them no matter how hard you try and this is why. . . the light. That is what makes autumn so glorious; it is the slant of the light and how it seems to make everything glow from within. So, welcome autumn in all of your intense glory, let the sense overload begin!



Eye Candy Friday: Fragments

September 19, 2008

Fragments, originally uploaded by DawnsRays.

Some days the soul is more fragile than others and the light comes piercing through.

Happy weekend, everyone.  New knitting next week.  Much love and peace~ Dawn


PRGE Contest Entry

September 16, 2008

Well, I have completed my end of the contest and you can find the songs my partner chose for me and my knit inspired interpretation of said songs HERE.

It was pretty fun, I enjoyed my song choices.  The partner I chose songs for has hers up but seeing as how this is still a secret swap until the first box goes out, that is all I can say about that for fear she finds me out.  Fat chance!  ha!!

Had too much fun over the weekend hanging with my sister before she moves to Florida next week, knitted quite a bit and watched loads of football on Sunday.  Hope you all are having a great start to your week.  It is getting cooler like a lot of people want ( not me ) so cheers to all the knitting that is happening in people lives right now!!!



Eye Candy Friday: Insect Wine

September 12, 2008

Insect Wine, originally uploaded by DawnsRays.

In the morning
By sunlight
We will dine
On insect wine,

From the “bottle”
Stiff and strong
Who needs a mug.