Weekend Update for 10-18 thru 10-19

October 20, 2008

Saturday morning found my children hanging from an Oak branch.  Does this happen around your house?  My husband was tired of having this limb scrap the top of his big honking truck so he decided to cut it off.  Actually, he thought he could YANK it down and when that didn’t work he called in for back up.  The offspring.  Now, after dangling from the limb for awhile and realizing that this wasn’t the way, a saw was finally called for and the job was completed.

Afterward we drove an hour North and attended the NAIA Pow Wow.  It was loads of fun.  I love the Drumming and the dancing.  I got my fill this year as we went on a Saturday.  If you go on the last day then you usually miss out on all that.  I took tons of photo that I need to upload and share.  Will try and get that done on Tuesday.   

Sunday was a bit more low key.  After breaking up a dog fight (our Beagle is a little too aggressive for his small stature and gets himself into trouble from time to time), I needed a break.  I went to the one place that I can find total serenity, Old Stone Fort.  I hung out by myself for a couple of hours and came home happy and refreshed.  

Onward Ho!  Monday.  Hope you all have a great week!

Peace~ Dawn


One comment

  1. What is Old Stone Fort? It sounds like a great place to go and just escape. Can wait to see the drumming photos!!

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