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Dog Blogging: How are the Puppies?

January 4, 2008

Who's a Good Boy?You may be wondering about the dogs.  I haven’t posted pictures of them in a little while so here is some dog blogging to take you through the weekend.  Winston is still the smallest boxer I have ever seen!  he is a total sweetheart, though.  Nothin’ but love from this little guy.  Timber, the big dawg is such a good boy!  He had a bought with a little infection last month.  He has a double coat of fur and after a bath he didn’t get quite dry and he developed a bit ‘o fungus and had to have his butt shaved (just above his tail).  He had a steroid shot and some anti-fungi pills and is all better now.   His hair is grown back and everything (thank goodness, he was a sight!).  Finally, the hard to photograph dog when he is outside, Buster the wonder Beagle.  He is pretty laid back inside but get him in the yard and his nose is to the ground and he is doing laps! On the MoveHope you all have a safe and fun weekend.  Stay warm if you are in a cold state (which is just about all of them at this point in time).  Peace~  Dawn 


They Say It’s My Birthday!

July 23, 2007

Hey, today I am 41. Wow, that just doesn’t look or sound right but there it is. Instead of gratuitous birthday photos (maybe later) how about dog pictures instead.

this is Winston showing off that grin

this is my baby, Timber in mid trot (he is 7!)

I couldn’t get one of Buster cause he just wouldn’t cooperate. That is how it goes sometime. I don’t have any plans today except to work, that is what happens when the “big day” lands during the week, I suppose. I do plan on eating some yummy cake prepared by my loving son (I’m sure he will be hard at work in the kitchen for me) and then have a yummy dinner made by my glorious husband. Mas Love on the ‘ol b-day…Peace~Dawn


Dogs Everywhere

April 24, 2007

We’ll call this the “dog” post, ‘k? First of all, have you ever seen a more pulled together pose on a Boxer? This is Winston, he’s 10 months old:
We should have named him “Elvis”. Look at that lip action. His poor jowls get caught in his bottom teeth all the time. I had a perfect, normal shot of him and by the time he put is head down and looked up again, that is what I got. Too funny.

Here we have:
What’s that? an exploided bunny? No silly’s… it’s spring time and in German Shephard land that means shedding. This is from wince it all came:
This is Timber, my boy! He will be 8 in November. The pile of fur in the back was only from a few minutes of brushing. We are still pulling out tuffs of hair from him. He probably won’t be done shedding for a few more weeks. I could have this spun into yarn and make about 2 throw pillows with it (each year!). You can see from the picture how puffy his butt is with fur that is barely hanging on.

Here we have a picture of Buster the Beagle. He doesn’t have facial problems like Winston or shedding problems like Timber. He is just a lot of dog in a little body. He thinks he is King Kong. Truely, he does.
You can clicky clicky for a bigger gander at him
That’s all for today folks. Peace~DAWN