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May 19, 2008
While on the way to the Renaissance Festival, Dawn said:

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Where Are The Nuts?

February 11, 2008


We had an enjoyable weekend.  Did loads of clearing out on Saturday and then Sunday went to dinner and saw the movie “Fools Gold”.  Really cute.  Pay the afternoon price, though.  There are way better movies to spend the big dough on.   Made me wanna go to the beach really badly, though.  All that tan skin and sunny skies.  Man.

I have a finished scarf that needs blocking but unfortunately I do not have access to my dining table.  My son has taken it over for his art table. So I have to get him to clear half of it off so I can, hopefully, get the scarf blocked tomorrow.  I would like to start wearing the scarf while I can. It is really soft and pretty. 

Massage Oil for Tired Sore Muscles:

  • 1 ounce carrier oil (sweet almond or grape seed are my favorites)
  • 15 drops Lavender oil
  • 10 drops Rosemary oil
  • 5 drops Lemon oil

(please use only essential oils and NOT fragrance oils, blah!)  keep in a dark bottle, amber or blue.  Will keep for up to 3 months.

Peace and a happy week to you all~ Dawn



September 4, 2007
My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Grand Duchess Dawn the Lackadaisical of Much Madness upon Avon
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Okay kiddies, here is a little of what I have been working on:


I am not a faithful knitter. I have been trying to be but I have to have something that will be done in less than one month or I will go insane. It is a true fact. This is a little something to tide me over till the Cheveron scarf and the Raglan cardi can be completed. I am still working on them. As a matter of fact both saw a lot of action this weekend but now I need something more portable and a quick fix. In walks the Utopian Hat. Love at first site. Who will get said hat? I don’t know and frankly I don’t care I just gotta knit it. The yarn was in my stash: Austermann’s Naturwolle. I have two balls of it and hope that that will suffice.

Speaking of Balls… We saw Balls of Fury on Sunday and I laughed my ass off!! We saw it with a crowd of people that appreciate a good in your face comedy. No critics allowed. The theater was alive with laughter and Ooooo’s and Ooowwwww’s and Whoa!’s it was fantastic. Plus, Def Leppard songs (bonus! they qualify as a hair band in my book).



DIY Weekend

August 13, 2007

Well, we had a very eventful weekend. We took out the carpet in our diningroom and put in new flooring. Pictures to follow when I weed out the clutter from moving the furniture back in. A couple of weeks ago we took out the “yuck” pink carpet in the oldest sons room that has permiated this house for 20 some years and put in hard wood flooring. We painted it a gorgeous blue, added crown molding and moved in son #2. So now this huge room is like a dormroom for the older two college boys. My youngest has his own room and now he wants it painted. Guess the color? ORANGE. He has a weird obsession with the color orange. It has been his favorite color since he could name them. UGH!

Next up is reflooring the kitchen. Maybe in a couple of weeks. We need to recover.

We went to see Stardust this weekend, too and it was GRRREAT! if you want to see a fun fantasy movie this would be the one. Too me it runs along the lines of The Princess Bride and The Brothers Grimm (which are among my most favorite movies). So go see it if that kind of movie is your thing, you won’t be disappointed.

Also, I finished a wonderful book called “Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman. Great read! fantasy, mystery, comedy. I have given it to my son and told both of the older ones that they will like it. It reads like a movie. You can see and experience what is going on as you read it. I love that kind of book.

In knitting news: I am plugging along on the Chevron scarf and I have a finished object that I need to line (probably tomorrow) plus I started another “quickie”, it is a cool cable hat. No pictures till it is done. You’ll have to stay tuned. Hope you all have a great beginning to your week. Peace~Dawn



August 6, 2007

A pair of handmade earrings one of my clients made for me. They have a nice weight to them and dangle nicely.

Well, we had us a weekend. Ever have a weekend that you could have done without. Yeah, one of those. Anyway, we made it through and ended it all with a trip to the emergency room so that my oldest son could get 3 staples in his foot. He was chopping wood and the ax slid off the stump and sliced the inner part of his arch. Nice, huh? I asked him, “so how does getting staples in your foot feel?” he replied, “it was worse than getting a tattoo”. They didn’t even numb it up! Ack! I am hoping for a fatabulous week (cause frankly, I need one) but it is gonna be some kinda hot here! Oh, and yes, he was wearing shoes while chopping wood.

We went and saw the Bourne Ultimatum and it was AWESOME! I love these movies. I hope they make #4. Matt Damon sure can tear up a car, though. Everytime he gets in one, you know it is not gonna look the same in the end. *****


“The Hot Chick”

April 28, 2007

Watch this for the answer to yesterdays post title and enjoy:

We rented Memoirs of a Geshia and watched it last night. It was very good. I had read the book but I think I liked the movie more. At the end I looked over at my husband and said, ‘Finally’ for when the two got together. We have Akeela and the Bee to watch tonight. I think that one will be a winner, as well.

Have a great weekend and take some time to relax. I think I’m gonna make these Butterscotch Chip cookies. Her recipe looks great!


We Interrupt Blocking for. . .

April 9, 2007

Movie reviews!! Yay!
We went to the movies yesterday and saw “BLADES OF GLORY”. *****
Yes, yes, it was that good. So damn funny it is hard to pick a favorite part. I swear I thought I was gonna hyperventilate at times. Sit back, enjoy all of the double entendres, and try to control yourself when Will Ferril takes off his shirt. “It bottles the mind.” (and did you know that Louis Armstrong is still on the moon?)

We went to an Irish pub for dinner afterwards and had some great food that I later regret mixing with buttered popcorn. However, in my defense I am weak and unable to go to a movie theater and NOT eat popcorn. It is a sickness, I realize.

Also, we rented The Holiday and Flyboys both of which I recommend. I was pleasantly surprised by flyboys and of course what girl doesn’t enjoy the occasional romantic comedy. That Jude Law can be really steamy. Not to mention that Cameron Diaz looks pretty much good in anything. Her wardrobe in the movie was exceptional.

So that was our weekend. Cold and spent in front of the t.v or movie screen. I will try to block the ponchette tomorrow and have a FO to show by the end of the week. I have started working on Clapotis from Knitty. I finally joined the zealous knitters who have taken this pattern on. I must say, I was intimidated by it for some reason until I began working on it. Now, I think. . . pst, whatever. As a matter of fact. . . I am working on 2 of them. Ha! one is in the yummy yarn that my secret pal gave me and the other is in dk weight alpaca. I know, WOW, right?